the start of something.

i miss you when i hear this song. it makes me remember what it's like to be with someone who believes in things. and here i am, in this dreary little town, life being sucked out of me, little by little, till all that's left is drama, (the leftovers of belief, you know what i mean?) and a huge confusion over whether you would hear this at all if i sent it.
here's a secret: this is the kind of girl i am, to give things up easily, not looking back, but hold a place in my heart for ages and ages, believing, with no evidence at all, that i am still loved, that a connection still exists. so even if my love letters lie somewhere dusty and forgotten, even if you curse me my memory, here i am, offering some remnant, a scrap of something i think is good.

Voxtrot - The Start Of Something by thomashaugen

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